No 32 Bit Windows 10 for Computer OEM manufactures

Microsoft has announced that it will no longer provide 32-bit Windows 10 for OEMs.

32 Bit Windows 10

This means that we will not see netbooks with 32 bit Windows 10 anymore. A lot of cheap laptops like netbooks and certain 14″ laptops were being sold with Windows 10 32 bit as they came with 2GB RAM or less.

This will force the manufactures to atleast equip the netbooks or cheap laptops with 4GB RAM. It will also help to deal with 32 bit drivers which are getting really scarce these days. Most manufactures only offer drivers for 64 bit computers.

It is described in “ Minimum hardware requirements for Windows 10 for desktop editions ” in “ Minimum hardware requirements ” that summarizes the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 10, and 64-bit version is installed from version 2004 on Windows 10 for OEM Mandatory. Along with this, the 32-bit version will not be provided.

At the time of manufacture, computers and laptops with earlier versions will not be affected, and security and feature updates to the existing 32-bit version will continue to be released. In addition, channels other than OEM will continue to be provided with 32-bit installation media.