Fake Ryzen CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs on sale

Fake Ryzen CPU

Unfortunately, new news reaches users about scams. It is not the first or the second time that we have to talk about such a topic, and apparently it will not be the last. This time around 10,000 users have been affected by the purchase of several AMD Ryzen processors and at the same time several NVIDIA GPUs, which, as a novelty, were not sold in stores, but rather in second-hand portals.

Months ago we saw a new type of scam, where certain users tried to scam Amazon by buying and then returning certain AMD processors, which between the two actions changed models and used an original or modified IHS but the PCB of another top model low.

The scam that has occurred now comes from China and given the level of those affected, it cannot be ruled out that this is not being applied outside of that country. Although the police have reportedly detected several fake processors and graphics cards, the main models have been the Ryzen 9 3900X and the MSI GTX 1080 Ti.

The “modus operandi” is not new, in fact it closely resembles what we have commented on other occasions: change of PCB for another that corresponds to a lower model and which is falsified by the IHS to adapt it to the premises of the original processor.

In this case, the purchase and sale between users is made by AMD 3000 series processors, where the scammer includes a PCB from the A8 series of AMD itself or similar with a carefully counterfeited and pasted IHS, making it look totally original.

Logically, when the user clicks on that CPU on his motherboard, what he gets is a black screen, after which the vendor has disappeared from the networks and it is impossible to locate him.

For some reason, MSI products are always at the center of these problems. This is the third time (that is known) that the company has been affected by scams towards its users, where in China they already had enough problems to stop the huge amount of fake products that were on the market.

In the case of today, the replicas of their cards focus on the GTX 1080 Ti range, which appear in the main channels of purchase and sale at a very low price and are really a treat for any user.

Apparently, the replicas are so good that they do not make users suspicious, but when they click the card they find another completely different graphics chip, this being normally very low-end.

In the case of CPUs, it is fairly easy to make a delid to a soldered processor and change the IHS, but in the case of GPUs, we are talking about a chip previously desoldered and soldered on a PCB of Chinese models that are copies of the original model., which hints that due to the number of affected users and the fine and complicated work, we are not facing a few users, but rather a well-organized mafia that could be sending false material through global buying and selling platforms.