Netgear RBK853-100JPS WiFi 6 mesh compatible wireless LAN router and set of 2 repeaters launched

Netgear RBK853-100JPS WiFi 6 router review

Netgear has started accepting pre orders for the WiFi 6 router, RBK853-100JPS, which is a set of three mesh-compatible tri-band wireless LAN routers. Price is around 1150 dollars which puts this WiFi 6 router on expensive side.

The Netgear RBK853-100JPS is a WiFi 6 router that comes with one repeater as well, RBK852-100JPS. This combines wireless LAN router and two repeaters to create a wide-area mesh network of up to 525 square meters.

Netgear RBK853-100JPS WiFi 6 router review

RBK853-100JPS features tri-band configuration with a maximum communication speed of 2,402 Mbps 5 GHz band × 2 and the same 1,147 Mbps 2.4 GHz band, one band of 5 GHz band is used exclusively for backhaul communication between router and repeater.

High-speed communication can be maintained even when multiple devices are connected. In addition to adopting 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet for the WAN port of the router, the LAN port in RBK853-100JPS is equipped with 4 Gigabit Ethernet for both the router and the repeater.

The size and weight of RBK853-100JPS is the same for routers and repeaters. It measures 254 x 71 x 190 mm (width x depth x height) and weighs 1,297 grams. Warranty period is 3 years.