No, Zoom is not having more than 300 million daily users

In its video conferencing app’s description, Zoom claims that there are more than 300 million service users (DAU) per day, but it corrects that the total number of participants was incorrect.

Zoom is not having more than 300 million daily users

The content that Zoom posted on its blog on April 22nd 2020 was originally “more than 300 million daily users”, but now it has been changed to “300 million daily Zoom meeting participants” which means “More than 300 million participants in the Zoom conference per day.”

Zoom company made a correction that it was a mistake and said it corrected it correctly on the 23rd.

In the estimation of the number of participants per day, even when the same user holds multiple meetings in one day, the number of times is reflected, and the total value is greatly affected.

According to the overseas media, The Verge, Zoom was secretly changing the wording to the conference participants, and their writers noticed this and issued an article mentioning it.

Companies often exaggerate their claims for better PR. However, it can be damaging to their reputation once someone finds the truth.

Some companies do it to boost their stock value. More people are likely to buy shares when there is hype around a company.