Zoom 5 enables encryption and regional selection of data center

Zoom has started rolling out Zoom 5.0 which had previously claimed to strengthen the security.

zoom 5

AES 256-bit GCM, which is an encryption method with authentication, is supported in Zoom 5, and this will be applied to all accounts from May 30. A new encryption icon will appear in the window, indicating that GCM encryption is being used.

Also, the host can select the data center region. Organizations using Zoom outside of China will not be able to connect to mainland China unless they select a data center in China by April 25.

This means that encryption will not be used if you connect to someone using China IP address. This also implies that your data will be open to hackers and Zoom organization if you connect to someone in China.

In addition, the host has added a security icon to report malicious users, and the UI has been updated to make it easier and safer to end and leave meetings. The latter allows the host to explicitly exit / leave, and when the host leaves the members in the meeting can choose a new trusted host.

You can download latest version from https://zoom.us/. It works on both desktop and mobile devices including android and iPhone.